• Michal Serkieza

2020 Q1 sprint 3 summary

Stats from this week

Number of Pomodoros this week: 36 🧛‍♂️

Number of Pomodoros since starting the Q1 2020: 50 🤓

Review & Retrospective

It was a very productive week. I'm very satisfied with the result.

  1. Revising the 400 flashcards from Q3 2019 -> DONE

  2. Refactor some flashcards from Q3 2019 -> In Progress I haven't managed to finish refactoring the old flashcards, first of all, I find this as an extremely boring task and secondly I have a big mountain of crappy flashcards. Experiment to try -> Set the goal of refactoring 50 flashcards for the next learning sprint

  3. Prepare new Scrum with Kanban flashcards for week 4 -> In Progress Kanban knowledge is larger than I expected. This week I've created 53 flashcards for PSK exam


Objectives for the next learning sprint:

  1. Prepare at least 50 flashcards for PSK exam.

  2. Refactor at least 50 flashcards from Q3 2019. Total number 176

  3. Continuously revise flashcards from 2019 and new PSK exam flashcards

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