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2020 Q1 sprint 5 summary

Stats from this week

Number of Pomodoros this week: 53 💀

Number of Pomodoros since starting the Q1 2020: 140 👊

Review & Retrospective

It was a hyper-productive week. At the end of the week, I caught a cold and spend time studying. The Scrum with Kanban is a mind-shift for me. I haven't thought it's so interesting and broad topic. I estimate that in late February I would be ready to take the PSK exam from Below you can see the results from this week's objectives:

  1. Prepare at least 50 flashcards for PSK exam. -> DONE (From 143 to 261)

  2. Refactor at least 50 flashcards from Q3 2019 -> DONE (From 125 to 7)

  3. Read five Universe of Memory articles and import flashcards -> DONE

  4. Continuously revise flashcards -> DONE


In January I've studied over 50h and now it's time to take a break to sharpen the saw. I plan to go on 3 days hiking trip to the Seven Sisters Country Park in the United Kingdom. I'm expecting to experience the 3-day Effect. The objective of the next learning sprint are the following:

  1. Sharpen the saw: Walk at least 75km within 3-days (sat-mon)

  2. Listen to at least one audiobook

  3. Continuously revise flashcards

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