• Michal Serkieza

2020 Q1 sprint 6 summary

Stats from this week

Number of Pomodoros this week: 17 🏖

Number of Pomodoros since starting the Q1 2020: 157 👊

Review & Retrospective

The week's main objective which was to sharpen the saw was achieved. Being outdoors during the storm Ciara was an unforgettable experience. On some hills, it was extremely hard to maintain the balance. I was feeling like a drunken man who tries so hard to walk straight 🌪 See photos

  1. Sharpen the saw: Walk at least 75km within 3-days (sat-mon) -> DONE (80km)

  2. Listen to at least one audiobook -> NOT DONE (50% completed)

  3. Continuously revise flashcards-> DONE


Back to school. Next week learning objectives are the following:

  1. Prepare at least 50 flashcards for the PSK exam. (Currently in Anki I have 264)

  2. Finish the audiobook

  3. Continuously revise flashcards

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