• Michal Serkieza

2020 Q1 sprint 7 summary

Stats from this week

Number of Pomodoros this week: 15 🕸

Number of Pomodoros since starting the Q1 2020: 172 👊

Review & Retrospective

Due to overtraining last weekend, I felt exhausted and as a result, I could not spend the planned number of Pomodoros on studying. Having said that the most week's objectives have been met.

  1. Prepare at least 50 flashcards for the PSK exam. -> DONE (from 264 to 315)

  2. Finish the audiobook -> NOT DONE (50% completed), task canceled

  3. Continuously revise flashcards -> DONE


Next week's learning objectives are the following.

  1. Do at least 25 Pomodoros

  2. Prepare at least 100 flashcards for the PSK exam. (Currently in Anki I have 315)

  3. Continuously revise flashcards

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