• Michal Serkieza

2020 Q2 sprint 2 summary

Stats from this week

Number of Pomodoros this week: 40 (27 agile, 13 Touch-typing) 🐎

The total number of Pomodoros in the 2nd quarter of 2020: 89 🧛‍♂

Walking distance this week: 34km

Review & Retrospective

This week, due to Coronavirus Pandemic, my business contract was terminated, therefore some time was spend looking for a new job. Other than that I've continued to revise the flashcards and practiced fast touch typing.

  1. Continuously revise and refactor flashcards -> DONE

  2. Practice fast touch typing -> DONE

  3. Start Vocabulary Labs-> FAILED


Next week's learning objectives:

  1. Continuously revise and refactor flashcards

  2. Practice fast typing

  3. Vocabulary Labs: module 1 of 16

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