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Yesterday evening I finally made the first step to lunch the website.

As I didn't have a laptop during this weekend I have to use the smartphone.

I started at 10pm Saturday worked on the website till 5am. Then Sunday from 9am to 2pm. Total work time 13h

Below you can find the list of tasks that I was able to accomplish.

- reserched and experiment with web building aps. Wix vs squerespace. I liked squerespace but it was challenging for me to customize the website on smartphone. The wix was better, but still it was challenging to do it on a small screen.

- reserched and bought the domain.

- wrote the content

- wrote this blog post

I feel excited that it was possible to lunch a first version of website in such a short timeframe.

Next steps

See how it looks on "big" screen and create a product backlog with improvement's.

#lunch #wix #squerespece

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