• Michal Serkieza week 46 summary

As my personal goal is to pass PMI-ACP and almost all certificates I decided to jet again adjust the process. Somehow preparing only for PMI-ACP is a little bit boring, therefore I decided to add more diversity and from now on I will prepare simultaneously for 2 exams:

  1. PMI-ACP

  2. SPS from

I will also track the time in Pomodoros for the The benefit is that I do a lot a repetition from different exams and it would be easier to track this as a single agile degree. As long as I move in the right direction then that's ok.

Stats from this week

Number of Pomodoros: 46 🥳

(due to feeling sick and spending weekend @ home)


This week I prepared a lot o Anki flashcards for the next week. Scrum on 🤡

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