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PMI-ACP: week 45 status

Four weeks ago I've started the journey to pass the PMI-ACP

Stats since the start of the journey

5 weeks (from week 41 to 45)

120 Pomodoros: number of high-focus 25 min sessions.

3 done chapters from the book PMI-ACP Exam Prep


I used more than 50% of the planned budget to accomplished 37.5% of the book. The first idea that comes to my mind is that I'm over the budget. At the beginning of the project, I was more guessing than estimating. Now I have concrete data to adjust the plan. I've could go on and on adjusting the plan and doing this analyzing paralyzing stupid things.

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy

So let's just pause and answer one very simple question.

Why on earth I have a plan?

There are two reasons

  1. Practice agile value-driven delivery tracking

  2. Second as a tool for increasing self-motivation :)

Those two reasons should be aligned with goal to pass PMI-ACP, otherwise, it would be just adding waste as an extra process :) After having this self-awareness let's focus on first-things-first.

Action: Create a simple plan

Plan 2.0: Every month

  • I will learn one chapter from the book

  • Create 100 flashcards.

  • Using spaced repetition continuously learning the past chapters

With this simplified plan I will need 5 months to finish the book and one month for mock exams. The "deep" learning is very slow. Very often I spent 25 minutes to digest only one page from the book. I already read the book from cover to cover, but this is very shallow. I want to achieve a level where I could easily teach those concepts.


Iteration duration: till the end of November (3 weeks left)

Iteration goal: Creating 100 flashcards from chapter4 Stakeholder Engagement

Budget: 50 Pomodoro's

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