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Retrospective and Planning (2020 Q1->Q2)

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Review of Q1 in 2020

The end of the first quarter of the Year is a great time to inspect and adapt. Based on that let's see what has happened since the start of the Year.


Duration: 13 weeks (from January till March)


Planned: 300

Done: 410 (plus additional 70 on investing in the stock market)

Average study time per week

Planned: 9 hours

Achieved: 15 hours

Flashcards: total number

Planned: 2000

Achieved: 2017



  • 13/03/2020 Professional Scrum with Kanban I

  • Revision of flashcards

Not Done

  • Management 3.0 Certificate of Practice



Lesson learned

  • Professional Scrum with Kanban took more time than planned

  • Lot's of time goes to revision

Plan for Q2 in 2020

some time would be spent to maintain the current level of my knowledge and on top of that I have to refactor a few flashcards

Duration: 13 weeks (from March till June)

Planned number of Pomodoros: 312

Planned average study time per week: 10 hours (24 Pomodoros)

Planned total number of agile degree flashcards: 3000


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